Dank Delivery is an online cannabis dispensary with the mission of providing professional, high quality cannabis products to consumers across Canada.

We would love to thank all of our current customers for their continuous support of our mail order service.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve consumers across Canada.

Dank Delivery core values set us apart:

  • Social Networking: Share your favourite products on social media and more
  • Promotions: Dank Delivery offers the BEST promotions & daily giveaways
  • Reliable: tech & product support
  • Visual: Consumers enjoy visually viewing the products and its reviews. We take high resolution photographs of all our cannabis products to capture all the important details.
  • Dank Dollars: Dank Dollars reward customers for their purchases

Always one step ahead:

Dank Delivery looks to always be ahead online e-commerce for its consumers. We are the main resource of online cannabis ordering across Canada. We invite and encourage members and followers to contribute content, advice, and feedback.

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