Methods of Consumption

The effect you feel has many variables – one major one is how you choose to consume your cannabis.

Smoking produces quicker effects.

Ingesting (eating) cannabis takes longer to hit you, but produces stronger, longer lasting effects

Starting with lighter doses helps the new user avoid possible unpleasant affects like green outs

Smoking or inhalation involves burning or vaping dried cannabis bud or extracts in a joint, a bong pipe or dab rig. This is the quickest delivery system. You may feel the effects after one quick puff! The more you smoke, the stronger the effects will be, so newbies might want to proceed with caution. Inhalation is the option least favoured by doctors for potential risk to lung health.

Topical application – Many seniors and others using cannabis for medical reasons are using topical creams, bath bombs and similar products. People rarely report a psychoactive effect but caution is still recommended for newbies.

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