What does Cannabis do?

How it works and the endocannabinoid system.

It is the cannabinoids in cannabis that effect people. Scientists have discovered an “endocannabinoid” system in human beings. It is this system that processes and is affected by cannabis in the body. Some medical studies report that it is this system that can protect the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, and play a positive role in ‘stress recovery’. These functions are regulated by cannabinoid receptors binding to the endocannabinoids.
Most people are familiar with THC and CBD, but cannabis actually has many cannabinoids, each of which have different healing properties that effect the body in different ways. THC is what makes most cannabis consumers feel “high,” hitting the brain and body. CBD by contrast will not make the user feel high or impaired. It has even been said that higher doses of CBD helps “lower some of the effects” of THC in the user.

Though everyone has an endocannabinoid system, everybody is unique and can experience differences in how cannabis works on them. Two people can have completely different reactions to a particular strain of cannabis. Their health, gender, age, existing issues or genetics can all be contributing factors to these differences in response.

If you’re still discovering how different strains and methods of cannabis consumption effect you, start with low THC levels as you gauge your personal response.

Cannabis Effects

People experience cannabis in different ways.

Things to remember –

Though the effect differs for everyone, your experience is temporary!
Many use cannabis medicine and report that it aids in reducing anxiety and stress, increasing appetite, and even help them feel more creative, productive or social.
Unpleasant experiences or “greening out” can be minimized by consuming smaller amounts and increasing dosage as needed.
Different strains have different THC content, and this makes a difference in how “high” you feel

Indica is more of a downer, and is something that is more tailored for bed time. A good way to remember this is: IN DA Couch indica. Sativa is more your daytime cannabis, making you more energetic than its counterpart. It can help people relax and feel good, while still having the motivation to get things done. A good way to remember this is: Sunny day SATIVA.  Although keep in mind, you won’t  know for sure how any particular strain from any particular grower will affect you until you try it. Start with small doses to figure out exactly what your body needs.

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