A cannabis accessory used to inhale cannabis where smoke passes throughout water.

Dried flower is rolled into cigarette papers or hemp papers for smoking.

The male plant related to the female cannabis plant. Fiber, food, clothing and other consumer goods are made from it.

The dried bud of the female cannabis plant – the part that is commonly smoked.

A cannabis accessory that aids in breaking up the dried flower for rolling.

Any kind of food or drink infused with cannabis or extracts. It’s common to see gummies, cookies, brownies etc. . Ingesting cannabis can have a longer lasting stronger effect for some. Start small and wait an hour before trying more to avoid greening out.

A common species of the cannabis plant originating from the mountains of India.

Taller, slimmer plants than cannabis indica. Originating in South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

A cannabis extract in liquid form often placed under the tongue or mixed into a drink.

Cannabis infused creams or lotions that are rubbed into the skin.

Accessories used to inhale cannabis smoke.

Different varieties of cannabis.

A cross between two kinds of cannabis (indica And sativa)

A vaporizer is used by cannabis consumers to inhale dried flower in a process that slowly heats (does not burn) the cannabis, which decarboxylates the product.

Chemical compounds in cannabis.

Found in all plants and organics. It’s terpenes that cause the smell and character of different cannabis strains

The component of cannabis that does not cause a psychoactive effect but has other health benefits.

It is THC that causes the psychoactive component of cannabis.

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