Affiliate Brief

Welcome to the Dank Delivery affiliate program!  

Dank Delivery is an online virtual marijuana dispensary with the mission of providing the most professional, safe-access and lab-tested marijuana products to consumers across Canada.

We want to thank all of our current consumers for their continuous support of our mail order service. We believe the success of our mission as a mail order company is due our superior management team, customer support and our consistent range of top quality cannabis at affordable prices.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve consumers across Canada with the finest care, and the most secure online private transaction system.


  1. Affiliates are required to interact and tag @TastyT.h.c in all content and stories
  2. The online dispensary is Dank Delivery
  3. The production company for the product is Tasty THC
  4. You are expected to post at least twice a week to stay in good status.
  5. Please send clips of your posted content to us through the platforms so we can reshare your content and assure quality.
  6. If you are receiving free product for the first time
    • do a long full unboxing video fully showcasing all the products.
    • Post as many pictures of the product as possible.  (More content is always better)

How it works

You sign up for the program and get a code generated to your name.   Every time someone signs up using the 10% off coupon you will receive a % commission of the customers total purchase for the ENTIRE CUSTOMER LIFETIME.

You will be paid monthly by store credit or e-transfer.  Payments will released during the 5th-10th of every month.  Please allow some time as we often face transfer limits.


Commission Tiers

Bronze (10%)

Starting Tier

Silver (15%)

$5000 Total Sales

Gold (20%)

$15000 Total Sales

Platinum (25%)

$30000 Total Sales

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