CBD Tincture (High Dose) (1000mg)

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Tailored specifically for seniors, this High-Dose CBD Tincture offers 1000mg of CBD, designed to provide gentle yet effective relief from various age-related ailments. Perfect for those seeking a natural approach to enhance their wellness routine, this tincture blends seamlessly into daily life, providing support for pain, inflammation, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.

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Key Features:

  • Targeted Formulation for Seniors: Understanding the unique needs of seniors, this tincture is formulated to help alleviate common age-related issues such as joint pain, muscle stiffness, and chronic inflammation, ensuring a higher quality of life without the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • 1000mg High-Dose CBD: Each bottle contains a high concentration of 1000mg CBD, ideal for those needing a stronger dose to effectively manage symptoms and provide lasting relief throughout the day.
  • Safe and Natural Ingredients: Crafted from organically grown hemp and extracted using safe methods, our tincture is free from harmful chemicals and additives, offering a pure and potent CBD experience with every drop.
  • Easy-to-Use Dropper: Comes with a precisely marked dropper for easy dosing. Seniors can effortlessly administer the tincture under the tongue or mix it into their favorite beverage for consistent and controlled intake.
  • Rapid Absorption for Quick Relief: The sublingual application allows for fast absorption into the bloodstream, providing quick relief from discomfort and helping to calm the mind and body efficiently.

Ideal For:

  • Seniors seeking a potent natural remedy to assist with pain, inflammation, and anxiety.
  • Individuals looking for non-pharmacological options to enhance their daily comfort and mobility.
  • Elderly users needing support for better sleep patterns and relaxation.


  • Each bottle contains 1.1ml of CBD Tincture (1000mg).


Q1: How often should I use the CBD tincture? A1: Start with a low dose once daily, and adjust as needed based on your response. It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider to find the ideal regimen that works best for your specific conditions.

Q2: Will this CBD tincture make me feel intoxicated? A2: No, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, so you will not feel intoxicated. This tincture is designed to provide relief and enhance well-being without altering your state of mind.

Q3: Can I use this tincture with other medications? A3: While CBD is generally safe to use with other medications, it’s crucial to discuss your specific medication interactions with a healthcare provider to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Q4: What is the best way to store the tincture? A4: Keep the tincture in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its efficacy and prolong shelf life.

Q5: Is there any taste to the tincture? A5: This tincture has a mild, natural taste that is generally well-tolerated. If the taste is a concern, you can mix it with food or drink to make it more palatable.


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CBD Tincture (High Dose) (1000mg)
Purchase this product now and earn 400 Dank Dollars!
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