Hybrid Pre Rolls (25) (18 Strains!)

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Looking for a convenient way to experience the perfect hybrid high? Look no further than our hybrid pre-rolls! Our selection of 18 different strains of hybrid cannabis provides the perfect balance of both indica and sativa effects, offering a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for any occasion. Each pack comes with 25 pre-rolled joints, ensuring that you’ll always have a smoke on hand whenever the mood strikes. Our hybrid pre-rolls are made with premium quality buds, expertly rolled for a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Experience the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria with our hybrid pre-rolls!

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Hybrid Pre-Rolls: The Ultimate Smoking Experience


The Perfect Balance of Sativa and Indica Strains

Our Hybrid Pre-Rolls offer the best of both worlds with a perfect blend of sativa and indica strains. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing smoke or a burst of energy, our pre-rolls are the perfect choice. With 18 different hybrid strains to choose from, you can customize your experience to suit your needs.

Hand-Rolled with Care

Each of our pre-rolls is hand-rolled with care by our team of expert craftsmen. We use only the highest quality flower, ensuring a smooth and flavorful smoking experience every time. Our pre-rolls are also sealed in airtight tubes to lock in freshness, so you can enjoy them whenever the mood strikes.

The Best Weed Canada Has to Offer

At Dank Delivery, we’re committed to offering the best weed Canada has to offer. Our hybrid pre-rolls are no exception. With 25 different strains to choose from, each carefully selected for its unique characteristics, you can trust that you’re getting the very best when you buy from us.


Golden Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, ChemDog, Mango Kush, Fire OG, Larry OG, Stardawg, Blackjack, Red Dragon, Purple Dream, Ice, Royal Kush, Master Yoda, Ice Cream, Kong, Cherry Diesel, Sour Cream, Shore Line, Sweet Kush

1 review for Hybrid Pre Rolls (25) (18 Strains!)

  1. laceymilo

    red dragon…..f*ck me that is some good tree. I got so burnt smoking that 2 thumbs up

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Hybrid Pre Rolls (25) (18 Strains!)
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