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Melon Gum is a deliciously sweet and fruity cannabis strain that provides a well-balanced high, with both uplifting and relaxing effects. This hybrid strain is a cross between Lavender and Bubble Gum, creating a unique aroma and flavor profile that is sure to please your senses. Whether you’re a novice or experienced grower, Melon Gum is easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors, and produces a moderate yield. Shop now at Dank Delivery for the best prices on Melon Gum cannabis.

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Melon Gum: The Well-Balanced Hybrid Strain


Aroma and Flavor Profile

Experience the tantalizing aroma and flavor profile of Melon Gum. This strain is known for its sweet, fruity scent, reminiscent of fresh melons. When smoked, the taste is just as delectable, with notes of bubble gum and lavender. The combination of flavors creates a unique taste that is sure to please your palate.

Effects and Benefits

Melon Gum is a well-balanced hybrid, providing a combination of both indica and sativa effects. The high is reported to be euphoric and uplifting, making it a great choice for those seeking to elevate their mood. Additionally, users have reported feeling relaxed and stress-free after consuming Melon Gum. This strain may also help with pain and anxiety relief.

Growing Information

Melon Gum is a relatively easy strain to grow, making it a great choice for novice growers. It thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments and has a moderate yield. The flowering time is around 8-9 weeks, and the plant grows to a medium height. Whether you’re an experienced grower or just starting out, Melon Gum is a strain that is sure to produce satisfying results.


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