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Pineapple Chunk is a fruity and tropical cannabis strain with a delicious aroma and taste. This balanced hybrid provides a relaxing body high and cerebral stimulation, making it a great choice for unwinding and tapping into your creative side. Try Pineapple Chunk for stress relief and a taste of the tropics!

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Pineapple Chunk: A Balanced High for Creatives


Taste the Tropics with Pineapple Chunk

Experience the sweet and tangy flavor of Pineapple Chunk, with notes of tropical fruit and a hint of earthy spice. This strain is known for its delicious aroma and taste, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

Relax and Unwind with Indica-Dominant Pineapple Chunk

Take a break from the stresses of daily life and indulge in the relaxing effects of Pineapple Chunk. This strain is perfect for unwinding after a long day, with a soothing body high that will ease tension and melt away stress.

Get Creative with Pineapple Chunk’s Cerebral Stimulation

Not only does Pineapple Chunk provide a relaxing body high, it also offers a cerebral buzz that will leave you feeling focused and creative. This makes it a great choice for artists, musicians, and anyone looking to tap into their creative side.


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1 review for Pineapple Chunk ($9/g) (AAA)

  1. Jean Marchand-Godbout (verified owner)

    Wonderful strain full of terpenes 🙂

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Pineapple Chunk ($9/g) (AAA)
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