Rockstar Hash ($15g)

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Rockstar Hash is a premium quality concentrate offered by Dank Delivery. This product is made by extracting resinous trichomes from the cannabis plant and pressing them into a block of hash. The Rockstar strain used to make this hash is an Indica-dominant hybrid known for its powerful relaxing effects. It has a distinct earthy and pungent aroma with a sweet and spicy taste. Rockstar Hash is a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts who seek to enhance their smoking experience with potent and flavorful concentrates. This product is perfect for those who want to unwind and destress after a long day or for those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Dank Delivery’s Rockstar Hash is handcrafted in small batches using traditional methods to ensure the highest quality and potency.

 70%   1%
 Herbal, Spicy, Skunk


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Parents: Rockbud Sensi Star

Earn up to 3,500 Dank Dollars.

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Indulge in the Rich Aroma of Rockstar Hash


Elevate Your Smoking Experience with Rockstar Hash

Are you looking for a powerful and potent way to unwind after a long day? Look no further than Rockstar Hash! This premium hash is crafted using high-quality, hand-selected cannabis flowers and is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a powerful and relaxing high.

Aroma and Flavor That Will Leave You Wanting More

Rockstar Hash features a rich and complex aroma that is sure to tantalize your senses. With notes of pine, earth, and spice, this hash is the perfect choice for anyone who loves a deep, satisfying flavor experience.

A Versatile Product That Offers Endless Possibilities

Whether you prefer to smoke your hash or use it to create your own edibles, Rockstar Hash is the perfect choice. Its malleable texture makes it easy to work with, while its powerful effects ensure that you’ll always have a great time.


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for Rockstar Hash ($15g)

  1. barringtonsam

    a few tokes of this and i felt incredible. It was surreal. Super relaxed my body felt like jello. amazing

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