Root Beer THC Vape Pen

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Unite the timeless appeal of root beer with the sophisticated pleasures of THC. The Root Beer THC Vape Pen offers a vaping experience that elegantly bridges the classic with the current. Ready for a flavorful blast from the past with a twist?

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Root Beer THC Vape Pen: A Fizzy Fusion of Classic Flavor and Contemporary Buzz


Classic Taste, Modern Kick:

Every inhale encapsulates the rich and creamy flavor profile of root beer, harmoniously combined with the distinct essence of THC.

Elegance in Design:

Crafted for simplicity and sophistication, this vape pen caters to both vaping neophytes and maestros.

Purity at Its Peak:

Using advanced extraction methods, we promise THC in its finest form, ensuring a clean, robust vaping journey.

Power-Packed Performance:

Benefit from prolonged vaping adventures, courtesy of our durable battery designed for longevity.

Luxury Without the Heft:

The Root Beer THC Vape Pen proves that a top-notch vaping experience doesn’t necessitate a grand expense.



1100 mg

Total Puffs: 600

Dose Per Puff: 1.83mg THC

Ingredients: Delta-9 THC Distillate, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring.

Active Ingredients: Delta-9 THC Distillate

Directions: First time users start with one puff.  Wait 20 min for full effect before deciding to increase dosage.

Storage: For best results and long term holding, keep in dry cool place and away from sunlight.

WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets


FAQs and Answers:

Q1: How many vaping sessions can I enjoy with the Root Beer THC Vape Pen before it needs recharging?

A1: Our battery is designed to ensure multiple extensive vaping sessions before a recharge becomes necessary.

Q2: Is the Root Beer THC Vape Pen suitable for beginners?

A2: Absolutely! Its user-friendly design and functions make it an ideal pick for both novices and seasoned vapers.

Q3: Is there an indicator for low battery?

A3: Yes, the vape pen is equipped with an indicator light that signals when a recharge is imminent.

Q4: Is the Root Beer THC Vape Pen refillable?

A4: The Root Beer THC Vape Pen is primarily designed as a single-use device. For details on refilling, it’s best to consult the product’s specifics.

Q5: How do you assure the THC’s purity in the vape pen?

A5: Through rigorous extraction procedures, we ensure the provision of THC in its most pristine form, granting users an unparalleled vaping experience.

Pen Strain

Indica, Sativa


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